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6 Creator-Owned Comic Series Worth your Dollar - Geek Exchange


thanks, apprehensive shark! 

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Prayers to all of the people in that town. This is bullshit anyone is treated like this. It is fucking 2014 get ur shit together.

"We all bleed red but whos blood is in the streets?"

This is so horrifying. Please please share this on tumblr and any other social media you know.

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Geek’s Weekly Comic Pull List 8/6/14 - Geek Exchange



my Marvel Now series - updated -

about a year of drawing

Cyclops - Scarlet Witch - Invisible Woman - Spider-man

She-Hulk - Iron Man - Deadpool - Red She-Hulk

Thor - Rogue - Cable - Captain America

Lady Sif - Hulk - Hawkeye - Broo

Noh Varr - Iron Man Stealth - Elektra - Nova

Gamora - Iron Man Godkiller - Starlord - Drax the Destroyer

Angela - Beta Ray Bill - Valkyrie - Magneto

Beast - Wasp - Dazzler - Magik

Banshee - Daken - Grim Reaper - Sentry

Monet - Medusa - Loki - America Chavez

Ghost Rider - Ms. Marvel - Cyclops - Spider-Woman

Moon Knight - Tigra - the Vision - Falcon

Psylocke - Corsair - X-23 - Quicksilver

Venom - Punisher - the Thing - Black Cat

updated with the new batch

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X-Men: Apocalypse - A GEEK Casting Call - Geek Magazine

Check out the link to see who else we cast in the upcoming sequel, including the big bad, Apocalypse!